Monday, 13 June 2011

Your Real Dad

Imagine the scene, your lost, craving for acceptance. You're always worried if people like you, and never quite feel satisfied or good enough. This longing to have acceptance was created by a void.

There was someone missing.

This someone could have given you all this. You find out this someone has always been watching over you, this someone is your biggest fan, this someone will never let go of you.

You then find out the many choices you've made that have been detrimental for you have been driving a wedge between you and this Someone. They're dying to know you but these things you do, these things you know aren't good for you have drowned out their voice. You try to return to them, but you are so engulfed by your choices that you cannot bridge the gap, you are defined by things you hate.

Then you meet someone else.

This person is the son and best friend of the Someone. He has never made bad choices, he has always felt accepted and always lived in harmony with this Someone. You look at him and feel dirty.

This guy is so good.

He is so friendly to you, he wants to know all about you. This makes you feel more dirty.

How can someone so good want to know me?!

You crave what he has.

You tell of your longing to be close to his dad but your choices overwhelm you. You tell of how they create a barrier. You tell of how you feel defined by your negative choices.

He asks to take your burden. You can't understand. You know that if he were to take your choices on himself he would have a chasm. Why would he, so close to this Someone, why would he want to create a barrier. If he takes my barrier then I will have no barrier.

But he does not deserve this. He says he knows it is worth it.

You give him your burdens. You feel instantly freed. You can relate to his dad. He says his dad is now your dad too.

There is no longer a barrier between you and the dad you never knew.

You look at his face, you can see the pain of your burdens. He looks wearier and in pain. He has never experienced a barrier between him and his dad.

You weep.

You know without this man it would not be possible to be in relationship with your dad. You know he had to take your burdens, you know this had to happen but you have never felt more compassion, you feel so humbled.

To see a man who had it all is giving it away just to see you have it all.

One day you ask him why. He replies "Because what I have with my dad, I see you crave it. I see you want it but your selfish choices have put a void between you and him. You couldn't get rid of this void, but I can, so that is why I took all your burdens. My dad knows who you really are and now he can reveal it to you."

He looks so weary and strained. His face etched with pain.

He looks at you and says "My name is Jesus, I have done this because I love you and now it is finished." With that he takes his last breath, so beaten by your burdens, so tired by the void you had lived with for so long.

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