Friday, 16 July 2010

An odd few days

Sitting in my room drinking beer at 1 o'clock in the morning, still really contemplated the events of the last few days. I nearly lost a very dear friend in a car accident, and could have lost another friend.

Sadly though despite my friends surviving this ordeal, one girl in the car sadly passed away yesterday. I have something odd to say though, and I'm not sure if blogs can be read in heaven, but thank you Angharad Clague. You have taught me so much in your death about heaven, more than I could have imagined considering I barely knew you. I've been a christian 2 years, and never has heaven been conveyed to me in a way I could understand, but your death has taught me so much. God spoke to me on the night about the joy you were feeling upon meeting him, and has spoken to me through prayer and song lyrics, ways I have just not expected.

I have had the songs 'blessed be your name', and 'better is one day in your courts'. 'Blessed be your name' really resonated and taught me that we must praise god no matter the circumstances, and really learn to accept that although we may not always understand his ways, they always work out for the best, it's just really hard to see at the time (thank you to Becky Smith for a good chat about this).

We had a prayer meeting this evening for the guys in the accident yesterday evening, and it was a really powerful time. Some guys in that room were best friends with Angharad, some were close with the other people in the car, some had no real relation to anyone in that car, but still we all were used by God to pray. I felt honoured that God decided to use me to impart some words of wisdom and keep a cool head, and encourage the guys who were distraught about the joy Angharad is going through. The song 'better is one day in your courts' came into my head. I thank god for giving me the courage to sing out, something I've not done before. Those lyrics are insane when you really look at them, "better is ONE day in the courts of god than THOUSANDS elsewhere!!" So now Angharad has officially spent one day in the courts of god, and that day has been better than all the days she had on earth combined, honestly mindblowing. Also the lyrics "one thing I ask, and I should seek, to see your beauty, to find you in the place your glory dwells," really bring home that we should be seeking heaven constantly, and just be happy to get any days on earth, each day really is a blessing, and I can't wait to feel the joy Angharad is feeling now.

This is my first ever blog, but I hope to do more. I am continuing to pray a lot for Rory, Sol and Angharad's family.

Cheers for reading,


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